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     Continental Gin Building

     3309 Elm, #3E2

     Dallas, Texas 75201

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Saturday, March 24th, 2018 

Commissioned Pieces

Ms. Hernandez will help you navigate on how to choose original artwork  for either your home or business.  Stacie has had over 30 years  experience working on commissions and mural projects.  Please feel free  to call, 904.803.1454 or info@staciehernandez.com, to discuss possible  commission or projects! 

Schedule a Visit

Want to see Stacie's extensive art collection in person? Call or email to schedule a visit! 

Please feel free to call, 904.803.1454 or email, info@staciehernandez.com 

  The biggest hindrance to understanding a work of art is wanting to understand. What reaches us to make us relate to a particular piece?  The artists fascinating career has brought her here. Over the past few decades, Stacie’s astonishing oeuvre with differing pieces, genres, has now been laid bare. Her changing artistic vision and various thematic pursuits since the 1980’s has brought her to a place of visually stunning and unshakable commitment to her craft.  Her varied work, over time, conveys a common experience among most of us, encompassing thoughts, memory, consumption, life and even mortality. There is a sense of intimacy, life as lived.  My favorite acquisitions, known for bold strokes, romantic rendering of landscapes, nature…it involves perspective and dimension….an expressionist take….she portrays an inner feeling, an emotional tenor at times. To use a botanical term, she has reached full bloom….   

Keith Giordano, Collector 

St. Augustine, FL